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Pleasant Hills, PA Basement Waterproofing

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Dr. Dry , LLC has been assisting people throughout the Pittsburg and the Tri-State Area for over 15 years with phenomenal basement waterproofing services. We are renowned as being more than able to perform basement seepage repair and waterproofing basements for our loyal customers in the area for economical prices. In addition, Dr. Dry is acknowledged for furnishing the sort of quality that customers can always have faith in for a very long time. Did you know “sick” basement can perhaps cause you and your family to become sick? It can because a wet basement can bring about mold, mildew and a whole number of other varieties of fungi. Even some molds can quite possibly exacerbate or even bring about health issues, such as asthma and other forms of respiratory health ailments. Hence, whenever locals from Pleasant Hills need basement waterproofing, they already know to keep Dr. Dry in mind.

Pleasant Hills, PA Waterproofing Basement

Pleasant Hills , Pennsylvania is based in the Pittsburg Metropolitan Area with about 8,300 individuals in the Allegheny County. Our Dr. Dry offices are conveniently located just about four miles northwest of Pleasant Hills in Pittsburg. The citizens located in Pleasant Hills regularly choose our waterproofing basement industry experts for their basement waterproofing needs. Dr. Dry is commonly known to be the top provider of basement waterproofing systems in the entire area. Our superb basement seepage repair services in Pleasant Hills ’s wet basements will assist with seizing the water and eliminate the mold from our loyal clients’ homes and assist with restoring them back to a healthy home yet again. We will not only meet what our Pleasant Hills clients’ request, but they can assume we will often exceed every one of their expectations! It is very important to know, you don’t ever want to put aside a wet basement! Dr. Dry will present you with a totally FREE inspection and foundation analysis. Your home will be a much healthier and safer place for you and your family once we bring back the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

Pleasant Hills, PA Basement Waterproofing Systems

We will treat the fourth wall of your wet basement absolutely FREE after you purchase mold treatment for the first three of your walls. Also, Dr. Dry will give its customers a significant discount of 25% off their complete basement waterproofing service. So, after we completely finish the basement waterproofing in your home, we will even paint your whole basement for FREE! If at any time your home has a wet basement, just get in touch with Dr. Dry and let our industry expert team get you on the road to recovery once again! For the most ideal basement waterproofing services found, just phone us at: (412) 882-8131. Also, be sure to inquire about the Dr. Dry $100-$300 referral bonus, which is given to customers who recommend their family, friends and co-workers our services, and once we have installed a basement waterproofing system for them, you will earn a nice bonus!

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