Foundation Repair

Dr. Dry, LLC has been providing quality and affordable foundation repair services to the Tri State Area for over 14 years. We have a variety of services and options to repair and eliminate leaks in your foundation and prevent your basement from future damage that moisture can bring. We deal with our customers directly, sending our experts out to personally assess the problem and give our professional estimate for the job.
Many foundation repairs are needed because of soil-related issues, poor compaction, overloading, poor waterproofing, organic materials, erosion, expanding soil, moist ground, and more. These factors can place a great amount of stress on the foundation of your home.

Our Foundation Repair Services Include:

  • Wall anchors
  • Steel piers
  • Underpinnings
  • Pargings
  • Complete foundation rebuilds


Pittsburgh Foundation Repairs

We are prepared and experienced in basement foundations, waterproofing, and more. We understand that your home is your greatest investment and the structural integrity of your home’s foundation can greatly increase the value and safety of your home.

Call Dr. Dry today at 877-223-7379 to schedule an appointment. Ask about our senior citizens discount! If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

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