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Bethel Park Basement Waterproofing

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All through Pittsburg and the Tri-State Area for approximately 15 years, Dr. Dry, LLC has been offering area customers top-notch basement waterproofing services. Our customers see us as being in a position to offer the best basement seepage repair and waterproofing basements at economical prices. Also with the services from Dr. Dry, you can expect to get fine quality that will last forever. Have you noticed any of your family members sick more recently? The reason being is because a “sick” basement is known to make the people living in the home sick, too. A wet basement typically produces all sorts of unwanted and hazard issues like fungi, mildew or even mold. It is vital for you to know, there are some types of molds that can irritate or contribute to different kinds of health issues, like respiratory conditions like asthma, allergies or other related problems. At any time residents of Bethel Park need to have basement waterproofing, they do know they call Dr. Dry when needed.

Bethel Park Waterproofing Basement

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania located in Allegheny County and is a home rule municipality based within the Pittsburg Metropolitan Area with just over 32,300 people. Our Dr. Dry offices are close by being about ten miles northeast of Bethel Park in Pittsburg. Bethel Park citizens will often select the waterproofing basement industry specialists when needing to have basement waterproofing in their own homes. Dr. Dry is highly regarded as the basement waterproofing systems’ authority. With our distinctive basement seepage repair services, Bethel Park wet basements will finally stop with water seepage and get rid of any mold in the homes and restore them back to much safer and healthier homes. We will exceed every one of our Bethel Park’ customers’ when they take advantage of our services! It is so very important to make sure if you have a wet basement to not ignore it. When you contact Dr. Dry, you will get a completely FREE of charge inspection and foundation analysis with no obligation. Once we have accomplished the work and the structural integrity of your home’s foundation is properly restored, your home will be a much safer place for you and your loved ones.

Bethel Park Basement Waterproofing Systems

Your wet basement’s fourth wall will be totally FREE once you invest in mold treatment for three of your basement walls, it’s a great deal! Once Dr. Dry has completed the basement waterproofing, we will then paint your whole basement at no charge! Do you have a wet basement? Then, call Dr. Dry right away, and our expert team will work on getting your home back to being healthy! On top of that, we offer customers a 25% off discount for those who get basement waterproofing for their whole basements. For premium quality basement waterproofing, phone us at: (412) 882-8131. Be certain that before getting off the phone to inquire about the referral bonus of $100-$300 offered by Dr. Dry for just customers who have taken advantage of our basement waterproofing system and would like to refer our services to their families, friends and colleagues! Get in touch with us today, you will be happy you did!

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